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Ars poetica

Dr. Beáta Kávássy
Dentist, Aesthetic dentist

“I come from a multigenerational doctor family. Healing has been part of my life ever since my childhood, but the most important thing in it for me is all what is behind this: professional skill and knowledge, precision, experience, empathy and devotion for aesthetics.

I received my dentist degree in 1988.
I made tooth and mouth disease exam in 1991.
I got my conservative dentistry and prosthodontics exam in 2006.
I have been working as a senior dentist in the dentistry praxis at Gellért Spa for 25 years. I am member of the Aesthetic Academy.

I continuously take part in both domestic and international congresses and courses, since I consider familiarising with and applying modern materials and machines to provide the highest quality level possible and keep my patients who have been my clients for decades satisfied.

We believe that a treatment can be customised for each and every person and such planning can provide an ideal, harmonic smile for everyone.

The harmony of the face is important, but not enough on its own. Function, durability and reliability only together can provide the result we shall be all satisfied with in long term!
We welcome everybody in in a relaxing atmosphere with analgesic treatments and most attentive care everyone comes to us.

We believe in the importance of up-to-date knowledge and skilfulness, our specialist team can comply with the highest individual needs and expectations. This is the pledge of the perfect smile!
The result of our work is a durably healthy smile.

We believe in long-term relationships!