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At our dental clinic the keyword is confidence.

After a free check-up to assess your personal needs, we will make an offer to meet your specific needs.
Every case is different; and every dental situation requires an individual solution depending on how complex it is. This means that prices can vary.
We can offer different solutions in different price categories. Please feel free to contact us for your personal offer!


We guarantee any work done by our dentists for five years!
Any work done by our laboratory technicians comes with a three-year guarantee.
Implants have a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty!

Status measurementFREE
Cleaning (60 sec)30.000 Ft
Tooth whitening
Tooth whitening at home (entire denture, top and bottom)80.000 Ft
Professional LED lamp clinic tooth whitening SPECIAL OFFER! A kezelés ára
(The price includes two sessions for teeth whitening!) 
70.000 Ft
Fillings (photopolimer)
- depends on the size of the filling and the material used
20.000 Ft - 50.000 Ft
Root canal treatment
First root canal treatment50.000 Ft
Each additional root canal treatments30.000 Ft
Inlay (made by the technician as a replacement for an oversized filling)
Gradia-Ceramic inlay100.000 Ft - 120.000 Ft
Gold inlay 100.000 Ft (+ price of gold)
Veneer (Porcelain mounting made by technician)
Porcelain - Ceramic
150.000 Ft
Crown/bridge (per tooth)
Traditional metal ceramic crown80.000 Ft
Metal ceramic crown made under microscope90.000 Ft
Metal-free crown
Full zircona crown120.000 Ft
Zircona ceramic crown130.000 Ft
E.max pressed ceramic crown150.0000 Ft
Crown cementation on implant180.000 Ft
Screwable zirconia ceramic crown210.000 Ft
Denture for jawbone - traditional150.000 Ft
Denture for jawbone - Ivocap200.000 Ft
Oral surgery
Implant - Nobel (SWE)300.000 Ft
Adult Orthodontics (depends on the type of the braces)600.000 Ft - 1.500.000 Ft