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Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Professional Plaque Removal

We tend to loose teeth, because the teeth themselves either have become so ill that they cannot heal or because the gums and bones holding them become so damaged that they cannot keep the teeth in place. Both types of deterioration can be prevented and generally are the result of one cause, namely the build-up of plaque and bacteria.

The purpose of professional cleaning is to remove tartar accumulating either around the gums at the crowns of the teeth or lurking under the gums. A dental hygienist first removes a large part of the tartar with ultrasound. This is necessary in 99% of the cases. Then the surface of every individual tooth is cleaned using a fine hand tool. Every time the teeth are polished with a paste containing fluoride as this is known to have a beneficial effect on the surface enamel.

We also place a great deal of emphasis on our patients learning proper dental care.
We use so-called plaque paint to make the plaque visible. It is important to learn which movements are most effective in removing the plaque and how to use dental floss and special toothbrushes to clean between the teeth.

We recommend coming in for treatment twice a year. This helps keep the gums healthy and allows us to check your teeth regularly, so we can guarantee you healthy teeth.

Tooth whitening

A beautiful smile helps you to feel more attractive and gives you confidence.
Healthy white teeth are an important element of a perfect smile. It is hard to maintain really white teeth considering the food we consume time and again that can cause discoloration.
Daily coffee, tea for breakfast as well as cigarettes can damage and discolour the tooth surface. The desire to get our teeth back to their original colour is not something new. But we now have modern techniques at our disposal that can help millions of people who want to do this.

During the chemical procedure of tooth whitening, the highly reactive whitening agent—or nascence material—releases high-density oxygen molecules to break down teeth-colouring particles.

Once we decide we want to use this procedure, the first step is to professionally clean the teeth since teeth cannot be whitened if they are dirty or there is any tartar, as the whitening procedure in these cases is ineffective. We measure the tooth colour on a scale before and after the whitening so that the results are both visible and measurable.

The next step is the whitening treatment itself, where two different concentrations of material and treatment times are possible:

  • During the course of a professional tooth whitening at our clinic, ensuring the appropriate protection of the gums, a dentist or dental hygienist places the whitener on the outer surface of the teeth and allows it to work for 15 to 20 minutes as indicated in the instructions. We repeat this procedure until we get the desired tooth colour.
    The whitener used in the treatment contains the very latest refinements so that we get whiter teeth with an even better lasting hue. The procedure involves a professional dental tooth-whitening device using LED technology that can be supplemented by a home teeth-whitening kit for use at night.
  • Tooth whitening is done at home to whiten the teeth over a period of two to three weeks. In these cases we create a tray based on an impression that is custom-moulded to exactly match the patient’s teeth. This is filled with the whitening gel and placed onto the teeth for an hour and a half to two hours.
    It is advisable to whiten the two rows of teeth separately starting with the top row since this makes it easier to measure the change in whiteness, as the bottom teeth act as a reference. Then we whiten the bottom teeth to match the upper ones.

For the first one to two hours after the whitening procedure, please refrain from:

  • consuming coffee, tea, red wine, cola or any other coloured food or drink;
  • smoking

In order to have a lasting effect and healthy white teeth, this procedure needs to be repeated once a year.

Rejuvenation with no-prep shells

Nice teeth nowadays belong to a person’s appealing appearance. A cloudless laughter, a flawless smile is the key to a self-confident look and appearance.
This perfect smile can be achieved with natural tools and devices, without grinding and anesthetizing the teeth, with an absolute painless method. In the early stage of the treatment we can already apply such temporary sheets that can optically show the final shell. After this it is the doctor’s and the patient’s mutual decision to define the final form of the teeth – this way, the perfect smile can be designed in advance.

Some before, after examples:

Dental Jewellery

Healthy white teeth have become fashionable as they make our smile more attractive and add character to our face. We attach dental jewellery that does not damage the tooth surface with an adhesive. Dental jewellery can be made of precious metal, polished glass or precious stone. This procedure is painless and only takes a short time. Dental jewellery can be removed or changed upon request at any time without causing damage to the teeth.