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Oral Surgery

  • Periodontal, Regenerative and Gum Correction Surgery: Reconstruction of lost gum and bone tissue resulting from periodontal disease.
  • Bone Replacement: Primarily used for implants when there is insufficient bone tissue or the quality of the tissue is insufficient for the implant.
  • Artificial Titanium Root Implant for the Jawbone: Used when teeth are missing. At Gellért Dental, we use products by NOBEL BIOCARE. These are the most modern implants in the world and come with a ten-year factory warranty.
  • Implanting (with Bränemark © and Replace © implants): The implant replaces the missing teeth. This is an artifical root places the bone by the oral surgery specialist. There are many type of implants, but it is advisable to choose the best, because it is a lifelong solution.
  • The process of implantation:
    – The dental surgeon insert the implant into the jaw
    – 3-6 month recovery period, the patient receives temporary prosthetic
    – Finally prosthetics will be created
  • Pulling teeth or removing the root
  • Surgery involving Recessions and Cysts: Surgical removal of infected tissue from the top of the root.