Dr. Beáta Kávássy
Dentist, Aesthetic dentist

I have been working as a senior dentist for 25 years, I am member of the Aesthetic Academy. I continuously take part in both domestic and international congresses and courses, since I consider familiarising with and applying modern materials and machines to provide the highest quality level possible and keep my patients who have been my clients for decades satisfied.

Dr. Zsófia Bata

I graduated at University of Pécs Faculty of Dentistry in 2012. Since 2012, I work as a tutor and clinical specialist at Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Conservative Dentistry. I am also involved in the education of the Hungarian and English course of dental students and in the research activity of the clinic as well. In 2016, I successfully finished my specialization with excellent classification from conservative and prosthodontics dentistry.

I feel constant enthusiasm about meeting new people and helping them in their dental problems. Since I also work as a teacher, I think that my greatest strengths are the patience, anticipation and the need to update and improve my knowledge all the time. I always seek for the maximal knowing of the needs of my patients to find the best dental solutions from the esthetic and functional viewpoints as well. My specialties: endodontics, aesthetic procedures (field of conservative and prosthodontic dentistry), pediatric dentistry, dental hygiene, dental surgical interventions.
Spoken languages: Hungarian, English

Judit Geletey

My jobs most greatful part is to see the patient’s smile. Always do my best to make them as comfortable as posible.

“Smile is the key to open the heart of every human being.”
/ Anthony J.D’Angelo /