Csaba Mátéfalvy

Attention, workmanship, professionalism at affordable prices.

Ákos Holler

I am afraid of dental treatments. I am absolutely grateful for Dr. Bea Kávássy, since when she starts the treatment, all my fears are gone. My teeth are in good hands, my problems are always treated with precise and customised of course.

András Vermes

The surgery has a very pleasant atmosphere and you always receive professional treatment. I warmly recommend this surgery, since I have always been completely satisfied every time I have been there.

Lotfi Peiman

When I was 10 I broke my two front teeth, so going to the dentist soon became part of my life. After several real bad experiences this is not a burden any more ever since I have been seeing the Gellért Dental Aesthetic Dentistry.

Gábor Fülöp

Ever since my childhood I have had to see different dentists, which had been most inconvenient. Since have been visiting Dr. Kávássy I need to sit in the dental chair less often. Her work is not only professional and precise, but also painless. I do feel that I have found the perfect place.

Georg Sz.

We were received in very modern new premises equipped with the latest instruments. The dental service was at least as professional as in our country –Belgium – and we were glad to experience that the dentist took all the time necessary to finish the treatment, even if it took half a day or more, so we did not have to return unnecessarily on another day.

Margit Horsfield

I visited Dr. Beata Kavassys Dental Practice in October of 2010, while attending a Conference in Budapest.
Dr. Kavassy left an extremely positive impression with me ;
I found her to be professional,knowledgeable, caring and kind, she did take the time to listen to my concerns and research the best treatment plan for my needs.
Her office is clean, bright and very relaxing.
Her staff is very friendly and I noticed there relationship with Dr. Kavassy was respectful and pleasant, which gave me a comfortable feeling.
I can recommend her with confidence.

David P.

Having lost a number of teeth throughout a long and varied rugby and military career, I had always been emsbarrassed by my gapped smile and very self conscious when socialising, to the point that I wouldn’t laugh at jokes or easily enter into conversation. Business reasons meant that I was staying at the Ramada Resort Aquaworld, Budapest a number of timesduring 2010, and although I had seen the advertisements for cosmetic dental work in the hotel, I had always thought that a. my mouth was beyond help; b. I wouldn’t have time for extensive work required during my trip; and c. If it could be done it would be far too expensive for me However the self consciousness got the better of me so having nothing to lose but my dignity (having to show my awful teeth to the dentist) I made a late evening appointment for a check up. Definately the best decision I made in 2010.

The nurse was charming, attentive and patient (and spoke good English) and the dentist was understanding, professional (and also spoke good English). Following the check up a plan of action was presented to me which would achieve everything I wanted, and more. After sitting 2 more times in the dreaded chair, (which isn’t so dreaded anymore as the work was painless thanks to the correct administrration of anaesthetic – I didn’t know dental work could be so pain free in fact I almost fell asleep in the chair) I left the hotel at the end of my trip with a full smile which I was using to best effect to show off my new perfectly fitted denture and new white fillings and still had money in teh bank as the work cost about 30% of what I would have expected to payat home, If I could have ever got an appointment for the work there! My only regret, that I didn’t get this work done on my first trip to Hungary rather than my last trip of 2010.

Extremely highly recommended. Proffessional, pain free dentistry at an affordable price. If you are reading this and considering getting some work done to your smile, stop thinking about it and visit the Aquadental surgery, you have nothing to lose and if my experience is anything to go by, everything to gain.